Phases of Construction Project Management

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Construction Project Phases

These are the 4 project phases that Scopewell progresses through with you. Whether you’re having a kitchen remodeled, a bathroom remodel, a home addition, or a commercial project, this is what you can expect.

Project Phase I:  Scope – Comprehensive project scope detailing specifications and budget

This is a personal business. Most clients are expanding, renovating, or modifying their home or business to create a better quality of living and/or working.  It’s personal.  It’s an investment not only of money, but time, energy, and emotion.  All we can say is that it is personal for us too.  Every ounce of effort given to your construction project stems from a personal commitment from each and every member of the Scopewell team to provide you nothing less than we would want for ourselves and our family.  It’s what makes us different.  We are invested in making your plans become a reality.

In this phase, Scopewell:

  • Visits the home or commercial location where the project will take place.
  • Garners information on buyer needs and expectations for the construction project.

Project Phase II:  Bid – Project facilitated by qualified, quality contractors with proven experience

Scopewell’s bids are comprehensive and grounded on real estimates garnered from quality contractors who are not only insured and bonded, but proven in their ability to deliver the quality of services we expect. Our ever-growing bench of contractors, provides us a rich environment for estimating.  We are able to competitively bid all aspects of the job, while finding an optimal marriage of price, quality, and timeliness.

In this phase, Scopewell:

  • Formulates estimation and project specifications.
  • Confirms project pricing and full scope with client.
  • Secures funding for project and establishes escrow account.

Project Phase III:  Contract – Escrow account and contracts for project funding and security

There is a great deal of truth in the saying, “If it is not written, it was not said.” We’ve heard countless customers share stories of project that were either not completed according to specification or worse, not completed at all. Compounding the sting, many advance-paid, losing their investment with little to no recourse for recovery. Scopewell’s mission is really predicated on solving this issue once and for all for our clients.  Our plain language contracts are thorough, binding, and comprehensive. We ensure that the scope of work is clearly defined and the ramifications of non-performance are explicitly articulated. Both the client and the contractor have a solid understanding of the complete project, the expectations, and the intended outcome.

In this phase, Scopewell:

  • Sources contractors for the project and puts contracts in place.
  • Manage project timeline, material sourcing, and day-to-day productivity.
  • Managing and facilitating open communication between the customer and contractors.
  • Examines work for quality and ensures timely completion of all project phases.

Project Phase IV:  Complete – Project and funding facilitated with buyer approval

Possibly the greatest benefit of the Scopewell process is the financial protection our process provides. Clients rely on Scopewell to be trusted stewards of their financial investment. We do not advance pay for any service. Funding for the project is safely tucked away in an escrow account where it remains protected until the job is completed as specified and to our clients’ approval. It is a personal guarantee that our client’s hard earned money will be safely protected. The escrow account is the trust agent guaranteeing our contractors prompt payment upon satisfactory completion of their work, while also providing the client complete control over the disbursement of funding as their project commences.

In this phase, Scopewell:

  • Manage any remaining punch list items.
  • Confirms satisfactory completion of project.
  • Secures final approval to release project funding.
  • Distributes funding to contractors and/or suppliers for the project.

Project Phases with the Scopewell Process

Scopewell makes sure that you get the best deal and the best results on your construction project. We do this by doing all of the phases of construction project management for you—just like how a business would get construction projects done.

You team up with us to create all of the project specifications. The project specs set the budget, chooses the material, creates your design, etc. Once you have your project specs finalized, we reach out to our vetted contractor partners to get bids on your project specs.

This process is best for homeowners—like you— because it allows you to get exactly what you’re dreaming of at the best price possible. The old way of hiring a contractor involves having each contractor create their owns project specs for you along with their own price. With so many variables, it’s hard to know what you’re actually getting and what price is the best value.

See the old way of hiring a contractor below.