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Your Trusted Source for Home Remodeling

Scopewell understands that being trusted is predicated on having earned it in the first place. Remodeling a home or business is almost always wrought with risk, uncertainty, and all too often a large dose of frustration and exposure.  Questions such as who to hire, how to protect your investment, how to determine project requirements and viability, and so on can make a relatively simple project incredibly complex.  Knowing and hiring the right contractors who will complete the project according to your timeline and specifications, obtaining all the necessary permitting and paperwork, while successfully managing project scope and requirements can severely impact the project’s success and profitability.  This is precisely the issue Jack Giacobbi set out to remedy, not just for homeowners, but for contractors too.  He sought to create an environment where both homeowners and contractors alike could enjoy, rather than dread, the process of home and business improvement.

Scopewell’s process restores confidence, trust, and security to the remodeling experience.  We meticulously guide clients through the entire home/business improvement process, from competitive bidding and contractor selection to escrow funding and successful completion.  Our unique approach to project funding ensures our clients’ investments are protected, while assuring the contractor prompt payment for quality service.