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Jack Giacobbi

Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Jack launched Scopewell in March 2014 with the primary goal of improving the competition, transparency, and efficiency of the home improvement process.

“After years in residential and commercial contracting, I sought to bring many of the commercial disciplines and tools to the residential market,” said Jack. “Homeowners and contractors deserve transparency, professionalism, and access to the best resources the industry can provide.”

Jack has been part of every task imaginable in the building process as a small contractor, a home builder, and a commercial contractor.  In addition, he spent many years in sales management for the industrial, aerospace, and automotive industries.  His journey really shaped his vision for Scopewell.  Leveraging what he learned of the construction process coupled with the intricacies of product procurement and brokerage, customer service, and project management, Jack brought life to a business that may very well revolutionize the home and business improvement experience.  With a degree in business administration, Jack is a lifetime learner, with significant training in finance, operations, sales and sales management.

“We want to give homeowners the information they need, and contractors the opportunity to bid on a qualified project,” said Jack. “With our service, homeowners have easy access to more qualified contractors at fair prices with a guarantee of quality results.  Likewise, contractors have access to more quality opportunities that are both profitable and rewarding experiences. Both parties win, and we have the privilege of engineering another quality project.”