The Cost


We have a simple cost structure. The prices vary slightly because some access is easier than others. FOR EXAMPLE:

When we go through your toilet, we have to completely remove it, send the camera down the line, and then re-install it. 

Once we have completed the service, we want to leave your house spotless! Because of this, we like to spend a little extra time making sure we clean up perfectly for you. 

Cleanout Access: $200.00

Access through a cleanout is achieved by unscrewing the cap from an easily accessible cleanout. 

This is the quickest, easiest, and cleanest way to gain access.

Roof Stack Access: $250.00

In this scenario, we have to get our ladder out and climb up the roof CAREFULLY.

From here we can send the camera all the way down the lateral line.

Toilet Access: $300.00

Toilet access involves completely removing a toilet so we can camera the line. 

Once we have the recording, we will re-install the toilet and clean up any mess.