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Outdoor living has become increasingly popular as families look for places to relax, unwind and spend more time together. It’s a place for day-to-day living as well as for entertaining. Outdoor kitchens, bars, living rooms, fireplaces and fire pits have become the gathering places. As such, it’s important that these spaces are not only inviting, but customized to your lifestyle.

Scopewell can bring your vision to life.

Expert Designing

While our expert designers are planning all these areas, they focus on balancing all the hardscaping and softscaping elements. The other important aspect that is kept in view is making these areas low maintenance. This has a positive impact on the overall cost of the outdoor living spaces that have been installed. Our team has the creativity and skill to create the look you want and ensure that the design of these areas blend in perfectly with the overall look of your landscaping and home structure.

Every project starts with a specification and design session. This session takes your ideas and thoughts for your outdoor space and transforms them into a well-defined project scope. Your project scope is used to price out your vision and work within your budget. Once you’ve shared your concept (including any pictures and websites you can show us) we will draft up a comprehensive scope of work that includes a design plan, material components, and production specifications and costs. Every facet of the project is managed with a meticulous attention to detail that provides the optimal mix of quality, timing, and price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general time frame for projects?

Every project is unique and timing depends on many factors including: the accessibility of the property, the condition of the land and the complexity of the work. And of course, Mother Nature is always a factor.

What can I do to get started?

There are a few logistical tasks to consider before you break ground.

  • Acquire any permits required by your town and/or homeowners association
  • If you have pets that use the space, an alternative play and potty area is recommended
  • Contacting your neighbors as a courtesy can help avoid grievances during construction
What can I expect from a Scopewell professional?

A Scopewell Authorized Contractor will contact you within 24 hours of initial outreach.

Will Scopewell help me design my space?

A Scopewell Authorized Designer will evaluate and measure your space, as well as develop an installation and product plan. They can also provide 3D project renderings to share with you.

What will my contractor expect of me?

Professionals will ask that you focus on items including: budget, timing and project vision. Knowing what you want and sticking to it will ensure project success. You’re not expected to have detailed opinions on pavers, colors and pattern—those are elements you’ll work out together.

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