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Bringing a vision to life, one step at a time.

Addition projects involve both developing the plan as well as executing that plan to the level detailed in the planning stage. Whether expanding a kitchen, a specific room of the home, or adding an outdoor living space, Scopewell has the deep expertise and bench strength needed to handle your project. Our methods, systems, contractors, and vendor partnerships enable our jobs to run smoothly, expertly, and affordably. Our client testimonials speak to Scopewell’s commitment to employing the right people with the right performance standards and attitudes. We look for and train our people to be experts in the jobs they perform. Our contractors understand and respect that we are in your HOME, not our workplace. It’s personal.. Our team is full of friendly, helpful, professional and expert people.

What makes us different:

We keep additions, remodels, and new construction projects affordable.

The key to doing this is designing a project right and executing the plan well. We are not the most expensive contractor nor are we the cheapest. We do all that we can to be fairly priced for the best quality work. Our success is entirely predicated on completing construction projects on time and within budget. This is simply not possible if we are over-priced or under-priced on any aspect of the project.

We make the process pleasant.

The experience you have with your home remodeling project is largely dependent on the people you have doing the work. The process of house additions always means some inconvenience to you. We work very hard to make that inconvenience as stress-free and pleasant as possible. We are focused on employing helpful, friendly people that communicate clearly. We make sure that our contractors do not make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, which we hear happens with too many construction companies.

We have very satisfied customers.

We are most proud of one fact about our business: almost all of our business comes from repeat business and referrals from happy customers. Why? Because we understand that only in giving the best care will we stay in business and improve. Your satisfaction is our ultimate, ever-present goal.

Typical Projects

  • Quality room additions, upgrades, and remodeling
  • Custom new home construction
  • Light commercial projects and tenant improvements and reconfigurations
    • Industrial buildings
    • Medical offices
    • Restaurants
    • Retail offices
    • Education / Schools
    • Churches / Houses of worship
    • And More

Frequently Asked Questions about House Additions & New Construction

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House Additions & New Constructions the Scopewell Way

The old way of doing a home addition or breaking ground on a new construction is challenging because each contractor offers different specs (specs is industry jargon for “specifications” which refers to design, materials, and workmanship) and different prices.

You have to choose between multiple sets of designs, materials, and workmanship all at different price points.

When you partner with Scopewell for your home addition or new construction, we help you to create your own specifications to bring your dream to life. Then we handle finding the best contractor at the best price for you by having them bid on your specs instead of creating their own specs for you.

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