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Brands we Use & Trust

Scopewell will install the brand that you request for your remodel. This is a list of some of our preferred brands.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations

You likely begin and end each day in your bathroom, at least after a good cup of coffee or tea. Your bathroom is more than just a place to get ready; it should be where you allow yourself to refresh and relax.

Regardless of your budget and project scope, Scopewell will help bring your bathroom remodel ideas to life. We meet to understand your vision and specifically work through the functional requirements of your bathroom renovation project. In addition, we present you with design options that will serve both your interests as well as your wallet. From small adjustments to a major bathroom remodel, from transitional to contemporary designs, Scopewell will transform your current bathroom into a space that brings your vision to reality.

Our Bathroom Remodel Work

Bathroom Remodel Service Includes:

  • Custom bathroom design (3D modeling)
  • Bathroom cabinetry sourcing and installation
  • Electrical updates and renovations (includes lighting sourcing and installation)
  • Plumbing, including bathroom sink and faucet installation
  • Bathroom countertop sourcing and installation
  • Tile sourcing and installation for shower and bathroom floor
  • Flooring, sourcing and installation
  • Painting
  • Wall removal and/or additional demolition and reconstruction (including engineering services as needed for structural integrity)

How Scopewell Revolutionized the Bathroom Remodel Process

The old way of remodeling your bathroom is challenging because each contractor offers different specs (specs is industry jargon for “specifications” which refers to design, materials, and workmanship) and different prices.

You have to choose between multiple sets of bathroom designs, materials, and workmanship all at different price points.

When you partner with Scopewell for your bathroom remodel, we help you to create your own specifications for your dream bathroom. Then we handle finding the best contractor at the best price for you by having them bid on your bathroom’s specs instead of creating their own specs for you.

Bathroom Remodel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to have design ideas before I start the bathroom renovation process?

Absolutely not; but it helps if you do. Your bathroom design consultation is meant to help generate ideas or work through the ones you already have.

How long does a bathroom remodeling typically take from start to finish?

A bathroom remodel averages 2-3 weeks unless your project includes floor plan or structural changes. Every project is unique and customized per your specifications. Your project timeline will be a function of your exact project requirements and will be included and adhered to in your final agreement.

Will a Scopewell designer help me choose all of the materials?

Absolutely. Many selections can be made right in our showroom. We will assist you with other selections in every way possible. We want your new bathroom to be perfect!

Can I buy those products from Scopewell?


What’s the experience of your crews?

Our bathroom remodel crews are some of the most experienced in the industry. In fact, Scopewell’s founding mission was to be a source for the very best trades available.

What type of return on investment can I expect from remodeling my bathroom if I sell my home?

Your bathroom is where you go to relax and refresh so the design should be for your enjoyment. Generally speaking remodeling a bathroom is among the leading home improvement projects (along with a kitchen remodel) based strictly on financial return. We at Scopewell feel that improving your home for the benefit of your family’s day to day living should be a chief criteria in evaluating your home improvement project.

Is a coating overlay (or reglazing) for a bathtub a good solution to replacing the tub?

We don’t provide this service If speed is your criteria, this may be an option for you. It is generally not inexpensive and while it helps to restore the original look of your tub/shower, it doesn’t address a total bathroom.

Do you offer financing?

Yes we offer many financing options, both in house and with several banks we maintain relationships with. Scopewell will help you remodel your bathroom every step of the way!

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