General contractor Scopewell makes home improvement fast, easy, and risk free!

Scopewell has revolutionized home improvement by making the process faster, easier, and reasonably priced because we fixed all of the problems from the old way of doing things.

The Old Way

The old way of working with contractors is challenging because each contractor offers different specs and different prices. It is impossible to figure out which offer is the best value because each contractor offers a different product (the “specs”).

“Specs” is industry jargon that is short for the word “specifications.” The specs for your project refer to what materials and what workmanship are required.

The Scopewell Way

An infographic showing what it is like working with Scopewell's general contractor.

When you partner with Scopewell, we help you to create your own specifications for your project. This means that every contractor is bidding on doing the same project using the same materials and the same quality standards. Now it’s possible to choose the best value for your money!

In the old way, the contractors would pitch you their own specs and their own pricing. With Scopewell, you create the specs and we hire qualified contractors that can meet your specs at the best price.

Our Contract Protects Your Project & Your Investment

Another issue with the old way is that contractors use contracts designed to protect them. Our contracts protect you! Scopewell contracts guarantee quality, workmanship, and a strict time table for your project’s completion.

General Contractor Information

As general contractors and tradesmen, Scopewell is your project manager and coordinator for all of your home improvement needs! We take full responsibility for the coordination and completion of your project. Some of our specialties include:

Typically a general contractor submits a proposal (with project specifications) along with a price or an estimate. You would receive multiple proposals, specifications, and prices like this from a variety of contractors. However, with Scopewell, we create your specifications with you and then get our subcontractors to compete for the job to fulfill your specific project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our Fair Payment System!

If you’ve read reviews online, you know there is the risk of a general contractor ignoring the job once they get paid.

The Scopewell Fair Payment System guarantees that you’re satisfied with the work and that the work meets spec because we hold the payment in escow until the project is completed. Scopewell oversees the entire project from start to finish and our vetted contractors know that every tiny detail needs to be perfect before they get paid.

This system guarantees that you are completely happy with your project because nobody will be paid until you’re happy! Give us a call now to learn more and to schedule a time to create your project specs.


Lisa Miller’s Video Testimonial Transcript

Hi, I’m Lisa Miller and recently my husband and I found ourselves in the market for our new countertops. We started shopping and found ourselves with a large granite fabricator in the Pittsburgh area. As we continued to shop things got more shady and we just didn’t feel comfortable making the purchase so I reached out to Scopewell.

Jack Giaccobi was able to match us up with a really good granite fabricator in the area. We are very pleased with our purchase. As you can see, we’re very happy with our countertops, we replaced our kitchen sink, and we’re very happy with our investment. The sky is bluer, the sun is brighter, and our food is tastier! Thank you Jack Giacobbi and Scopewell!

Our Work

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Scopewell remodels kitchens and bathrooms in Pittsburgh and all of the surrounding areas in western Pennsylvania. We also do home additions and create outdoor living spaces. Scopewell services Beaver, Butler, Chicora, Cranberry Township, Evans City, Franklin, Gibsonia, Grove City, Hampton, Indiana, Mars, McCandless, Meadville, Monroeville, Mount Lebanon, New Brighton, New Castle, North Hills, Sewickley, Slippery Rock, Valencia, Venango, Washington, Wexford, and more!