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“ScopeWell saved me thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs.”

“They arrived on time, did the scope, and left my house clean and tidy. The video showed root intrusion not a collapse like the other plumbing company said.”  Linda M

NO Guesswork, NO Needless Repairs, 100% Independent, Service You Cant Trust

Sewer Scope And Drain Line Inspection Services For You

Book Online 24/7

Book your drain inspection easily by scheduling online. Our system gives you the power to pick the time and day we investigate your drains.

Honest Inspection

We don’t repair or replace sewer lines. All we do is sewer inspections and drain scopes. There’s no upsell or convincing you to repair or replace your drain unnecessarily.

Eliminate Guesswork

There is no second-guessing your drainage issue because our drain cameras meticulously inspect your lines, recording EVERYTHING.

Our technicians happily explain everything, from roots to offsets, cracks, or collapses. 

No Unnecessary Repairs

We will describe any drainage issue and the potential for ongoing problems. You will know what to fix because of our sewer camera recording and expert report.

We will treat you like family. 

We come to your house, run our video camera through your drain, and then tell you what we find. There’s nothing fancy about how a sewer inspector from our company checks your drain lines—just good, honest work. 

Happy Sewer Inspection Customers

"As an agent it's important to have a professional team helping me and Scope Well is always on time and produce quality video inspections everytime."
Barabra E
"The most professional and knowledgeable sewer inspection company I have ever dealt with!"
Bill R
Design Engineer
"Steve answered all of my questions about the sewer inspection video and gave me his honest opinion on the roots and off-sets in the clay pipe."
Ray T
Father and Builder

Common Issues Verified With Our Sewer Inspection

A video camera recording will allow you to know precisely the condition of your drains. Because of this, you don’t need to rely on plumbers’ experience or trust them to diagnose and guess the cause of the backup. 

A sewer scope inspection is the gold standard for finding your flow and draining problem.

Our detailed evaluation will discover any of the following issues:

Tree Root Intrusions

Cracked or Broken Pipes

Main Sewer Line Failures

Sags, Bellys, Low Points

Construction Debris

Grease Buildup

Sewer Line Offsets

Scaling Cast Iron Build Up

Toys Flushed in Toilet

When we evaluate your pipes and drains, you will have clear video evidence of the root cause of the clog or the reason your drain is not flowing correctly. This will help you make the best decision on how to fix the drainage problem.

ScopeWell will diagnose the reason for the clog or drain flow obstruction. You can sleep easily knowing repairs are recommended or performed only when needed.

We can save you thousands of dollars or more!

Sewer Inspections Done Right

Scope Well is an independent drain scope and sewer line inspection company. 

Our cameras provide high-quality video recordings of any drain or pipe.

Our technicians give you a clear explanation about any plumbing problems blockages or drainage issues. 

To get a checkup performed on any of your drains give Scope Well a call today.

How Our Process Works

Sewer and Drain Scope Services That Work For You

OUR MISSION: Provide efficient, professional and unbiased video camera inspections of any drain or sewer line.

Let's see how our process works.

How our process works as a true sewer scope partner.

1. Book Your Inspection

Book your sewer inspection with us and we'll show up on time

2. Camera Your Line

We'll open a cleanout or pull a toilet so our sewer camera can check out your drains.

3. Record Our Findings

Receive a clear recording of your drains from our sewer scope

4. 100% Guarantee

Finally, a clear explanation of any concerns, and a 100% cleanup.

We Can Perform Sewer Inspections and Drain Scopes On Any Property

OUR MISSION: Provide efficient, professional and unbiased video camera inspections of any drain or sewer line.

Let's see how our process works.

We can camera and scope any sewer, drain, or pipe at any house, home or business.


Our sewer cameras can be used to inspect the drains on any house or home you own.


Our sewer inspection cameras can be used to scope the drains of any business too.

Home For Sale

Do you need a video inspection of the main drain on a house that is under contract? We provide high quality, unbiased video testimonials through our sewer scope services. We work together with many home inspectors to give you peace of mind.

Any Drain, Sewer or Pipeline!

We can perform an inspection on any drain you want inspected so you can rest assured of the perfect fix.

Why Choose Us As Your Sewer Scope Company?

Our guarantee to you is to be honest, on time, and always clean up after ourselves.

We guarantee our plumbing inspection is easy to book, fast turn around, with high quality images

Easy Ordering

Uncover your drainage problems faster by scheduling your inspection online 24-7. Our system gives you the power to pick the day we investigate your drains.

Fast Delivery

You can watch as our camera snakes your drain recording a clear video that you can use to quickly determine any problems for your own house, or for a home inspection.

High Quality

No second guessing the source of the blockage with our high quality inspection cameras. What the scopes sees is exactly what you get on the crisp and clear video recording.

Money Back Guarantee

If we cannot provide you with a high quality video recording of your sewer line or drain we will not charge you. That’s the ScopeWell promise to you!

More Client Testimonials

“I had a drain that kept blocking up in a 4-plex. I had sent out several companies to work out the problem to no avail. It wasn't until Steve took the time to patiently scope all the drains that we found out several toilets were draining into a t causing the repeated backups. Because he has able to isolate the problem with his camera we saved thousands on unnecessary repairs.”
Rhonda B
“Great experience with these guys from start to finish. We had been told we needed a full main line replacement for over $30K. Steve showed up with his camera and carefully scoped it out. We could clearly see that an annual cleaning would do the trick because of ongoing root intrusions. Nice to know there's honest people out there in the trades still.
Mary J
“We needed a sewer scope done fast because we had a house under contract. The previous company didn't show up. I booked online and Scope Well showed up on time. They were really professional and patient with their time showing us what each little crack and off set meant for ongoing issues. They are the best sewer scope company near me. I highly recommend these guys is you need a drain inspected.”
Paul W


Is a sewer scope worth the time, money, and effort?

Yes, a sewer scope is worth it as it provides an accurate diagnosis of sewer line issues, potentially saving homeowners significant repair costs and preventing future problems.

Seeing what the main drain line looks like is very important because imagine buying a new house only to find the sewer line is blocked or, worse, still collapsed.

What is a sewer scope inspection? What does sewer scope mean?

A sewer scope is a diagnostic inspection using a specialized camera to visually examine the interior of a sewer line for blockages, damage, or other issues. The term refers to this process of inspecting and assessing the condition of underground sewer pipes.

In short, a person comes over to your house and puts a video camera down the drain to see if there is anything wrong with it.

How much does a sewer scope and drain inspection cost?

A sewer scope and drain inspection with a video camera can cost between $75.00 to $400.00. The range in price varies greatly because of the value you will be getting from different inspection companies.

Be warned that when it comes to working out the problem with drains, the cheapest option is never the best because this can lead to you being convinced you need to make repairs that don’t need to be done. 

How do I find the cheapest sewer scope inspection service near me?

To find the cheapest sewer scope company near you, consider these steps:

  1. Research: Start by searching online for sewer scope companies in your area. Look for reviews and ratings to gauge their reliability and service quality.

  2. Get Quotes: Contact multiple companies to request quotes. Be sure to ask about what’s included in their service to ensure you’re comparing like-for-like.

  3. Ask About Experience: Inquire about the company’s experience and whether they specialize in sewer scopes. A company that only does scopes is likely to provide a more accurate and unbiased assessment.

  4. Check for Transparency: Choose a company that is transparent about their process and willing to walk you through the video recording, explaining what they see and what it means.

  5. Consider Value, Not Just Price: While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that a cost-effective service from a specialized company might save you money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary repairs.

By following these steps, you can find a sewer scope company that offers a balance of affordability and quality, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Why is sewer pipe and sewer line replacement so expensive?

Sewer line replacement is expensive due to several factors inculding the following:

  1. Labor Intensive: The process often involves digging trenches, removing old pipes, and installing new ones, which requires a significant amount of labor.

  2. Materials: High-quality, durable piping materials are necessary to ensure the longevity of the sewer line, adding to the cost.

  3. Equipment: Specialized equipment, such as excavators and trenchless technology tools, are needed for the job, which can be costly to use and operate.

  4. Accessibility: If the sewer line is located under structures, roads, or landscaping, accessing it can be challenging and may require additional work, such as breaking concrete or removing trees.

  5. Permits and Inspections: Obtaining necessary permits and passing inspections add to the overall cost of the project.

  6. Professional Expertise: Skilled professionals are needed to ensure the job is done correctly, and their expertise comes at a price.

Overall, the complexity, labor, materials, and expertise required for sewer line replacement contribute to its high cost.

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